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Work-party at The Children's Allotment

Happiness is not having what you want,but wanting what you have. One of our lottie plot holders has a little childrens' tent up for her two - they play happily in there while she gets on with the work!

Ep34: The kids plant and sow in their beds * ALLOTMENT GARDEN HAPPINESS

They also help her from time to time, but the tent provides a safe area which they enjoy. Whooops - now what are the dogs getting up to? I take my 2 year old to the plot with me. I get her to help me, she enjoys rooting around for bugs and snails. If she gets bored, I have a fold up swing in the boot of the car. I also take the usual things, chagne of clothes, snacks, drinks.


Personally speaking, I'd say chill out a bit, stop stressing about getting all the jobs done and have fun with your kiddies on the plot.. Who cares if your plot has a few weeds, if you don't have the time to sort them out, just de-head them. It'll help them enjoy the time their too, which will pay off no-end in the future.

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I did stress when I first started taking my toddler to the plot with me, then I took a leaf out of my wifes book and took a step back and relaxed about it. Both of us enjoyed it much more so then My little one asks to goto the 'lotment' now quite often.

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Mind you, 'lotment' also means omelete too Obviosuly, there are times when you can't take them, I'd been laying big beams as raised beds which would have been dangerous but still, even if it's throwing it down odds are they're going to enjoy getting soaked and muddy Anyway, if you have the space, swings are great for them - almost like going to the playground. Last Jump to page:. All times are GMT.

Should children be allowed at allotments? Not everybody thinks so | Grow Like Grandad

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