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We learnt of the power that comes with listening to those around us, and how implementation can be facilitated and goals achieved by a truly clear mind that has its priorities set correctly. We discussed the importance of being curious and asking questions, of making hard choices and of persevering through the trying times that all of us have faced sometime or the other in our lives. We made note of some of the common biases that leaders fall for-a pro-strategy bias and a negative skew against implementation, and the dangers of subjective measurement metrics.

Lastly, we spoke of clearly defining and sustaining values, promoting genuine trust amongst teams, unfailingly keeping commitments and using all these as building blocks to create empowering and engaging cultures.

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But, the single most important driver of leadership in my opinion is personal accountability, and I say this loudly because I have seen too many talented managers unable to evolve to great leaders, only because this particular characteristic was missing in their make-up. The child believes that the ball lost itself all on its own. She believes her mother will take care of the situation and indeed the doting parent rushes out to the play area, scrambling around for the lost ball.

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This time, not only does the child feel terrible about losing the ball, but also for the first time in her life admits that it was her fault that the ball got lost. To whit-personal accountability.

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Neither did some malignant universal force direct its disappearance. It was me and only me.

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  5. The reason I am highlighting this issue of accountability so vigorously is that most people struggle to accept onus, especially in negative situations. Despite being grown up, they morph back into that preschooler who happily says the ball disappeared through no fault of hers. This fundamental attribution error makes us prone to patting ourselves on our backs when things go right, but also just as swiftly blaming the external situation around us when things go wrong. Sales targets not met?

    Must be the bad economic conditions. Marriage failing?

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    8. Child turning out to be a brat? And before we know it, we start blaming everything but ourselves for the shortcomings and disappointments that our lives are inevitably littered with.

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      For it is the easier route to take, and certainly far more preferable than seeing our own errors reflected in the mirror of our benighted circumstances. I see this happen all the time. Inevitably people outsource their lives to their circumstances or to other people around them by refusing to take culpability for anything that happens to them.

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      Essentially admitting that not they, but someone else is responsible for their successes and failures. Mduduzi Ndlovu, who goes by the name of Ash on social media, took to Facebook earlier this month to share pictures of himself in a matching outfit with his mother, heading for the dance.

      The two made a beautiful pair and most likely stole the show as one of the best paired perhaps even looking couples of the night. It brought tears to my eyes. But besides Ndlovu's selfless act, people were also talking about how elegant his mother looked. She garnered praise for how young-looking and beautiful she is, with commentary that if she stood out on the evening, it was because of her beauty and not her age.

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      If the pictures are anything to go by, Ndlovu certainly had a matric dance that was more special and more sentimental than most. Register Sign In. South Africa.