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That was the whip on the horse that made it go. Cocker, operating solo, repeated this feat in a more surrealist prankster way the following year at the Brit Awards ceremony: he vaulted into the midst of a Michael Jackson performance, waggling his bony arse subversively and alarming some of the small children dancing onstage with his goofy moves. But in this instance Cocker represented not the freaks of the world but the regular people: it was an impulsive gesture intended to deflate the fantasy bubble-world of deluded superstars.

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Pride in my family, my upbringing and the way I'm choosing to raise my own children, in the hope they have lots of cherished memories too. I have spent time with some favourite writers and been introduced to some exciting, fresh new voices which I will absolutely go on to explore. A stunning collection that I can't recommend highly enough! Thank you to Unbound and Becca Harper-Day for allowing me to read an advanced review copy.

Thank you also to the lovely folk who crowdfunded the publishing of this book. Everyone should read this, especially if you live in the UK. I have been waiting for this collection to come out for months and it was worth the wait.


The publishing industry is very middle-class, white, and London-centric. This anthology brings together working-class established authors and up-and-coming authors under one roof as they discuss the many ways one can be working-class. Like Glen James Brown's Ironopolis, this book really hit a nerve.

It has made me reflect on my own life and figure Everyone should read this, especially if you live in the UK. It has made me reflect on my own life and figure out how my life maps across the class system. It has made me realise my relationship with what class a fall under is slippy and an awkward thing to pin down. It was interesting to see the relationship between being a writer and what class you belong to and how it is not as straight-forward as people think.

Every chapter was incredible. This anthology has been curated brilliantly and I loved that it ended with a piece from Dave O'Brien about class in the publishing industry to sign off the anthology. It is moving, it is inspiring, it is educational. I strongly recommend this. I love Unbound. The book they publish are often raw, interesting and steeped in reality.

Common Peopleis no different. I loved it. It is a mixture of short stories, essays, and poetry. If you grew up working class and I did then you will relate to this book so much. A fantastic celebration of life as part of the working class. Debunking the myths and assumptions, with stories full of humour, love and hope. I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered a copy of this anthology in the library. I stumbled across the poetry section, and thought I'd correct the fact that I haven't read much modern poetry.

Unfortunately, the selection was limited - too many Penguin Classics by far - and I was about to give up when I saw this book. Just for the record, although it contains some poetry, I would not describe this anthology as a poetry collection. Common People largely consists of essays, memoirs, and I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered a copy of this anthology in the library.

Common People largely consists of essays, memoirs, and musings based on real-life experiences. Perhaps that's why a book which I've heard such a buzz about online, and so recently, was available at the library; no-one thought to look under poetry. Oddly enough, this is one instance where the categorising of 'poetry' under 'non-fiction' in my hometown's central library would be accurate. As someone who is frequently troubled by thoughts of her own class position, I was extremely excited to read this book.

Common People is dedicated to "everyone who has yearned to see their life on the page, who has hoped one day to read about working-class lives told by working-class people who lived them. There were so many experiences in this book which I too felt I have lived through, so many characters I relate to, and so many private thoughts, which I have often felt alone in thinking, voiced by others. This is the power of Common People. And, of course, I have to look no further than the wonderful cover of this anthology to discover a list of working-class writers whose voices I want to hear more of.

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Jul 26, Snoakes rated it it was amazing. Common People is an anthology of writing by people who all share a working class background. These are voices that are less commonly heard in the predominantly white middle class world of publishing. The pieces cover a wide variety of experiences, childhood, sport pool, darts, football and the dogs , and life in general.

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They are diverse in tone as well as theme and every author is one I would want to read again. Most are prose, but there are a couple of poems as well. Here are some of my Common People is an anthology of writing by people who all share a working class background. Aug 18, Katie readingwithkt rated it it was amazing. I had to start writing notes on all the short stories in the book that spoke to me, in a myriad of different ways. There were simply too many golden nuggets! Now I just want to force a copy of this in to the hands of everyone I know. My own TBR just grew exponentially, having been exposed to so many fantastic writers.

This book is particularly important if you live in the UK, and I'd recommend reading the author blurbs at the rear of the book before reading their chapter - for me this made their story come to life even more.

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One such golden nugget, from Chris McCrudden's 'Shy Bairns Get Nowt': "I have just enough front to take the last biscuit, but I've never been able to ask for a pay rise. The word that comes to mind to describe this anthology is, ironically, 'rich' It's a great idea, and those don't always work out but what struck me is how well this does, how varied the experiences, but how even the quality. I loved that those who are established as writers mingle here with those for whom this is their first publication though I note all are described as writers - and I couldn't tell which were which.

Some really wonderful short stories that engage, enlighten and entertain.. If you've ever felt undervalued, that you don't fit in, that you're 'not good enough, that you were born on the 'wrong side of the tracks' then have a read and connect with like minded people who tell you that you and your place in this world is relevant, you have a voice and there is a purposeful life out there for you, be working class and proud of it.

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Dec 03, Anne Williams rated it it was amazing. Really well put together anthology of short essays and personal stories by "working-class" writers. There is some analysis of what defines working class A terrific, crowd funded project from Kit de Waal and Unbound Publishing. Buy it, you won't be disappointed. Dec 03, Wendy rated it it was amazing. I ordered the hard copy of this book and it made its way across the Atlantic. Well-worth the wait.

Every piece in this anthology is superb. The song — part poem, part manifesto — is about Cocker back then and people like Cocker as he had been : the long-term disfranchised and perma-skint, who spend their lives feeling broke, scared and hopeless, without a safety net. Which just never used to be the case. And this is just one way that musicians, like actors, dancers, artists, writers and any other creative person, are being priced out — and subsequently hounded out — of the arts. Instead it becomes the norm that cultural focus goes automatically to a certain brand of middle-class moneyed sensibility, as if this were the only type that matters or, worse still, exists.