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Something for the Bouleiterion to ponder late at evening while smoking in front of fireplace and sipping wine. Likewise, what results could one get by processing snowstone or bluestone into pure Silicon or Calcium? If Alya has magical potential and the Handmaiden is using Minalan as a model, it would logically follow that the Handmaiden will see Alya's lack of Rajira as "damage to be corrected". I'd give it better than even odds that Alya will end up with a high-grade Rajira I'm also pretty certain, given the public knowledge at least among the Magi, that as Irionite is crystallized Kellisarth sap there are already several clandestine human alchemical research projects to reverse-engineer the process.

Any knowledge about the immortality-seeking cult in pre-Conquest Wenshar or magical attempts at human life extension in general? Human life in Callidore is generally nasty, short and brutish, but it would be interesting to see if there were some results. A Somewhat obscure regimen of diet, health exercises and meditations practiced by some mages to retard physical aging. Also, the Necromantic Sacrifice, quite rightfully suppressed by both Magocracy and Censorate: Turn your physiological clock back a year or two with the power of human sacrifice Just had a though when reading this.

Lord Aeretas said irionite takes a century to make but what part of the process takes so long. Using advanced tekka is it possible to make artificial irionite? Something for Min to ponder when he brings the forgotten back. Just finished the book. Now I need to reread to settle everything in place. I would request novellas concerning the wizards that were sparsly mentioned. Alurra, ron, tyn, pen,ruddy, dara.

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The birth of the triplets ect. The story was great. But I'd like to know how the different apprentices are doing in there training. Dont forget Gareth and Fes You have given these characters appeal don't leave them hanging. They would make great side stories. But wow! Great story!!! This book just widened the story.


Oh my Gods, you have enough to write until you're a hundred and ten. Noutha will accompany her father to the Royal Court, for a few months, before she takes assignment elsewhere.

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She dislikes politics in general, and seeks action. Her exposure to the Royal Court does nothing to improve her disposition. Nor is she particularly liked by either Grendine or the Family, considering her association with both Korbal and Minalan. I enjoy the banter between her and Tyndal. The annoyance she and Hance had at everyone else during the raid for all talking.

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The one thing I have been having trouble with since rereading the books from the beginning is the Mind to Mind communication. Originally when Penny came up with the system it was using the links that all their stones had to one another because they came from the same stone originally. That worked all the way up to when the Alka started giving Min their stones that had no connection to the stones they had been using.

Min's Witch Sphere was okay since it was made from of the captured stones. As soon as the that went away and he had to switch to an Alkan stone, how was he able to still communicate with the network of captured stones? You're right, I never went into that because it wasn't terribly interesting for the story. But essentially once the Emissaries and Onranion got more involved, they were able to help Pentandra adapt the Alka Alon version of the spell to all bearers of irionite. It takes that much power to manage the link. That is good to know, I always thought it was Pentandra and of the thaumatologists adapted the gurvan spell.

That had really been bothering me for a bit. I had come up with a theory that maybe it was the Cleansing property of Min's stone. Your way sounds easier ;. So just want to say first loved the book. Spoilers down below. What I am curious about is what are the two others dukes thinking about what recently happened in the kingdom. Dragons attacks,heir's diying, oh and war with Korbal since he killed quite a few importent people because the only thing we get in this book is that ex-censors are trying to get war started against Min's barony.

When will the next be out? Because where you left it got excited for the next book.

Though just realised one of the cadet novels could easily be from the POV of one of the young human from Horizon. I also would like to know what the deal is with the other 2 duchies. It seems Vore is a joke to everyone but Merwyn was the seat of power for the Magocrisy after Perwyn sank. From the story of Checkered Past, there is already things afoot that can lead to more fighting strength for Min.

Because ishi smirked that he "was only just in her influence still" and we get from one of the last conversations with Dara that Nattie might have a crush on Gareth. Ishi is off to the west lands. Min needs to follow in the next year with Briga to replicate the snowstone spell. The area is not heavily populated. Exchange the coral for several help against Korbal. Since the snowstone is helping the coral reefs grow which adds to the magosphere will create more wizards, power, and off course more conflict. Another thought, if the handmaiden is treating both min and alya maybe a long life expectancy will come with.

Next, a reread. I miss so much the first time through. Excellent story!

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So much going on in this book. Rest recoup and do what you enjoy. I'm sure outlining the next 10 books will lead to a few short stories offered in It will just be too tempting and of course your fans would love a taste or two of life on Calladore. Thanks Terry. I want to know where he is going to get a pregnant woman to go along with his Snowstone experiments! I am wondering if Ishi is working on getting the Warmages married and helping keep up a lusty life to create heirs with strong talents coming I am sure that somewhere in there Min will learn to recreate the snowstone affect I can see a lot happening with him out there: aeries with sky riders magical weapons moving forward at great speed, better war constructs more powerful weapons - Magical weapons for non-talented warriors More Transgenics for other helpful animals to name a few.

Really interested in seeing how the Anvil develops If the Handmaiden is repairing Alya it seems entirely plausible that she will get pregnant again. I suppose the whole thing depends on how important Min and Alya's biology was to the spell. Plus, maybe in a short story you can give some interaction with the people at Vanador. Penney, Gareth, Allura, Arborn, tyn, Ron etc. Why did Penney give birth in the hedge witch cot?

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Oh my God's Terry there is so much more to delve into during the period Necromancer takes place! You did that on purpose! By Briga's hot cakes and griddle you keep us salivating. A point on the mass of stone. A tons of basalt would take up a volume of 11x11x11 yards3 Maybe mountain was an exageration - could have been a hill.

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Or maybe they just took a slice of the mountain. I agree however that point needs clarification I had been calculating the thing myself. I always took that part of book 1 to mean that Min was descended from the some of the first Archmages. Since they retired to where his mother was from.

I say this because Min is a normal guy, talented but normal and his dedication to humanity made him THE Spellmonger. Azar and the others follow him because of that and he felt betrayed by the Arolin because he had to wonder if he really is so dedicated. I was thinking about this a few days ago. We saw the effectiveness of the stuff when Rardine proved her bloodline with her mother.

I would think that the early Magocrisy made use of it as well. I have been thinking about the early tales Min recounted of the Archmage and some kind of sentient staff. That would be a good thing to recover! Yeah, I think they said it is in the tower that is all that remains of Perwyn since it was on the top of the mountain there. Obviously sans Ironite. I wonder if it was a hybrid?