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Words related to frantic frenzied , delirious , angry , mad , hectic , agitated , furious , distraught , frenetic , weird , overwrought , berserk , crazy , deranged , excited , fraught , insane , rabid , raging , raving.

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Words nearby frantic frankpledge , franks peak , franky , frannie , franseria , frantic , franz , franz ferdinand , franz josef , franz josef i , franz josef land. See frenzy , -tic.

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Examples from the Web for frantic A phone call, a frantic trip, an abrupt change of holiday plans. Diagnosing Jane, Louis C.

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Andy at Yale Roy Eliot Stokes. Give him a gift in the form of two cards from your hand.

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Someone wants you to draw more cards from the deck? Someone wants to end the round? Nice Try! This game destroys friendships. At the beginning of every round the players receive the same amount of cards and try to quickly discard all of them.

In turn every player has the possibility to play a card. The basic stock of the card game consists of the Coloured Cards in red, yellow, blue and green from one to nine. You can play these cards number on number or colour on colour. The Special Cards are colourless or colour depending and give the game a vicious spice.

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This was where they spent their honeymoon, 20 years ago, and now Dr. Richard Walker and his wife, Sondra, have returned for a medical convention.

There is some confusion with the luggage; apparently she picked up the wrong bag at the airport. But everything else seems to be going perfectly when Walker steps into his hotel shower. By the time he steps out of the shower, she has disappeared. And every scene, on its own, seems to work. It is only the total of the scenes that is wrong.


The movie goes on too long, adds too many elaborations and tacks on too many complications, until the lean and economical construction of the first hour begins to drift into self-parody. The movie stars Harrison Ford as the visiting American doctor, who is unable to convince the hotel, police and American Embassy officials that his wife Betty Buckley is truly missing. He tries to track her down on his own, with only a few clues.