Jonny Plumb and the Wonderful Secret

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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Adventures of Jonny Plumb is the fantastical and funny story of a young orphan boy suddenly endowed with very special powers.

Jonny's life changes dramatically when he's taken into foster care by the wealthy and extremely beautiful Lady Kathleen Hunter -- and comes under the vigilant eye of Nanny Noo. Jonny's adventures begin when he finds the mysterious Golden Globe The Adventures of Jonny Plumb is the fantastical and funny story of a young orphan boy suddenly endowed with very special powers. Jonny's adventures begin when he finds the mysterious Golden Globe that shifts shapes and holds many secrets.

This magical orb takes Jonny on all kinds of amazing and jaw-dropping adventures, high into the furthest regions of space and deep into an underwater world full of rowdy Sea Life -- who bubble up from Jonny's bathtub drain to join in silly songs. Each of the children's stories has its own individual adventure and life lesson. They are packed with trials, mayhem, suspense, mystery, action, and adventure. With everyday situations that kids must face in the real world. Now throw in a little fantasy. Now you have charming tales that will enthrall young audiences.

The perfect Storytime book series for both boys and girls ages Grades: Jonny's philanthropic mission speaks about the human angle. It's important to have children's story books with a strong theme. Also, children are highly imaginative and they always think outside the box. These types of stories also aid in developing their imagination and thought. Uplifting, with funny, imaginative characters. Jonny is the sweetest little boy and all the while, you lose yourself in his magical world - and I'm a grown-up - well sort of!

Written with verve and obvious empathy by Kim Wheeler, who quite clearly still has the heart of a child Thank goodness this is the first of a series - can't wait to read the next one!


Get A Copy. Kato dwells in a two-story West L. The room is spare and oddly angled, with the ephemeral feel of a pop-up. At the table, familiar tropes of luxury can appear — the freshest uni atop a two-bite slab of crisped tapioca; Dungeness crab threaded into tremulous chawanmushi — but Yao knows not to take things too seriously. It playfully summons boba milk tea, but the bouncing textures and nutty warmth turn the dish into so much more than an exercise in clever mimicry. An evening at Kato is a top-tier culinary experience; one can intuit that the food — and the mind behind it — will continue to reach and change in riveting directions.

A dining. Arrive soon after 8 a. Lines start early for a morning menu that will gratify pretty much any appetite; favorites include kimchi fried rice with diced short rib, poached eggs and pickled radish, and a blueberry-studded riff on kaiserschmarrn, the fluffy Austrian pancake that veers into souffle territory.

At night the restaurant makes an elegant leap from casual daytime meals to formal dinner service. Start by indulging in Normandy butter and pan drippings imagine a hallucinatory Thanksgiving gravy served with a baguette. Farmers market salads, restrained pastas and family-style platters in summertime look for grilled pork loin, belly and sausages offset with roasted peaches balance subtlety and full-out hedonism.

Need it even be said that Margarita's ever-changing desserts are unmissable? Summer may bring on the tocino taco, slivers of pork belly glazed in piloncillo, heaped with slices of stone fruit. Ingredients are sometimes plated over tortillas whose corn has been as judiciously sourced as the most expensive seafood or wine in the city. The restaurant contests tradition at almost every turn, beginning with chef Niki Nakayama herself: Kaiseki cuisine is historically made only by men.

The careful pace of a kaiseki meal, which looks to express the ephemeral sense of a place or season over the course of many small dishes, is another subtle yet profound act of defiance, a stopgap to the sped-up pace of modern life. On a recent night, in the quietude of her spare, seat dining room, Nakayama served grilled branzino infused with California eucalyptus, and a melty slab of A5 Japanese Wagyu tucked into a miniature cannoli shell.

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The menu is basic, economical and utterly satisfying, revolving around carne asada, quesadillas in various configurations and guisados-filled chivichangas. For its carne asada, the kitchen uses mesquite-grilled short ribs, seasoned sparingly and chopped to smithereens. The beef is draped in salsa roja and guacamole and then folded into a handmade flour tortilla. The tortillas — marvelously stretchy and buttery — are at the heart of the Sonoratown enterprise. They have single-handedly raised the tortilla batting average for the entire city of Los Angeles.

The kitchen sources ingredients with impressive fastidiousness: Feltham has been known to drive several hours by car to pick up bags of the soft Sonoran flour available only on the Mexican side of the border.

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It is the uncanniest location in America for a modernist dinner — or maybe, given the immersive narrative that keeps the focus almost solely on the plate, the most appropriate. It sounds wild and weird like a science project, but the flavors make so much sense and, more important, are a plain joy to eat. With the help of staff such as chef de partie McKenna Lelah, who established close relationships with local farmers, Dialogue has rooted and evolved since opening in When Beran started off, he was cooking the California of the mind.

The two restaurants that sit side by side downtown near the intersection of 4th and Main streets do not appear to have much in common. It does here. Josef Centeno, a San Antonio native who has cooked at high temples of gastronomy across America, is chef and owner of these opposites, which stand as equals.

The many countries that touch the Mediterranean Sea provide its primary inspiration, but its geoposition can never be exactly pinpointed. Collectively, Centenoplex represents a chef at the apex of his powers, a single downtown block with portals to many cultures.

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The latest world-class dining experience in Los Angeles is a signless, seven-seat restaurant, all but anonymous among the concrete gorges of the Row DTLA complex. He pulls inspiration from the canonical structure of kaiseki, emphasizing a blur of different cooking techniques fried, simmered, grilled and so on ; he also takes exhilarating liberties with the form.

A dinner of 10 to 12 courses will segue through sushi and sashimi; pairings of seafood and vegetables in weightless tempura; and nabe, or hot pot, filled perhaps with crab, nappa cabbage and shiitake mushrooms. By the last savory course — rice and fish donabe served in a copper pot, made with second or third helpings in mind — diners are often peppering Go with questions, nearly silly from the elation of an astounding meal. Reservations for Hayato become available at 10 a. They are the stuff of smartphone alarms and hoped-for cancellations.

Would-be solo diners may have the easiest time snagging the odd seventh seat. They contain over a dozen meticulous morsels: shrimp dumplings, slices of rolled omelet, miso-infused cod, blocks of snow crab tofu, pickled vegetables, seared duck breast. In small bites, as with long meals, Go achieves glory. The neighborhood complex of Italian restaurants that she operates with partner Joe Bastianich includes Pizzeria Mozza, where I once ate a wood-fired pizza topped with fried parsley, Meyer lemon and Fresno chiles that made every other pizza in the world seem wan by comparison.

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Much of the Pizzeria Mozza menu is available at the takeout counter around the corner, Mozza2Go. Next door at Osteria Mozza, an elegant dining room with wine bottles lining the walls, feather-light gnocchi is simmered in a duck ragu with more depth than the last 10 I have eaten. The best seat in the house is at the L-shaped mozzarella bar in the middle of the dining room, where burrata plates often assembled by Silverton herself parade across the smooth Italian marble.

The staff spins a cocoon around every table; diners may fill every available seat yet your party feels like the only ones in the room.

He has his local darlings of the sea — geoduck, Dungeness crab, rockfish, spot prawns — but his staging of them changes ceaselessly. During a recent tasting menu, a prawn arrived between richer courses on a bed of shiso and basil leaves; I peeled the critter, splashed it with nuoc cham and wrapped it in the herbs to devour it. Cimarusti understands tempo and crescendo and surprise.

Luxury lunching also falls into the near-extinct category in America; Providence excels equally in the daytime and evening. Swing to something lighter — grilled prawns marinated in harissa and served with a clever tzatziki that subs zucchini for the usual cucumbers — then dive back into the deep end with the signature lamb neck shawarma more straight-from-the-oven flatbread; more futile resistance or the beef cheek tagine over couscous.