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Sorry i meant to say my feet get cold when sitting. Ive got the puffy coat and proper layers thanks to your book for explaining it all.

Im using gram underarmour boots and ive tried all kinds of socks as well as two pairs. Should i try the shoes you recommend in the book, oversized, and two pairs of socks? That said, there is […]. Andrew, I do my hiking in very tropical, very wet conditions. My mayan guides wear knee-length rubber boots, the terrain is, well, uncharted in the sense that we make our own trail.

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We start in heavy jungle, and. Have been treating the leather to reduce their water absorption. Do you have any other suggestions? The hiking area is in Central America. Andrew, there is no perfect world. But as a long time hiker, I think you are full of horse hockey! Sure, all things fail, but I have hiked in non waterproof boots and waterproof boots. With Gore-tex and with just oiled leather. I have yet to wade water and taken a boot off to wet socks with my gore-tex boots. I have hiked in soaked socks and had blisters from non-waterproof boots many times.

I learned to pack dry socks. I also, have yet to remove my boots to wet socks because of sweat. Sure, they will get damp, thats why I take dry socks. I have a pair of Keen sandles that have open holes all through the side that my feet sweat in worse that in my gore-tex hiking boots! Andrew I read your book and was convinced that I need to find quick drying trail runners. Unfortunately I have wide feet and La Sportiva and Soloman are too narrow.

Do you have any recommendations? If humidity is approaching the dew point, nothing is going to dry fast. This is a very rocky route in places and the shoes held up well. My feet were wet on many days due to storms or creek crossings but these are a mesh shoe, and dried out quickly. Only 12 ozs each too. Utter nonsense. Hi Andrew. Here in Scotland it could be perfectly dry but still require you to put your feet above ankle depth into bog and water.

I agree, gtx approach shoes are a waste, but walking boots are almost a necessity here. Obviously I also had soaking wet feet into the bargain. Hoping you reply to this comment asap; would so appreciate it! I work 5 days a week hiking groups of dogs hours a day on usually public paved trails, never requiring me to step in bodies of water like creeks.

However there is a rainy season in this part of California.

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My ideal footwear would work just as well for hot, dry days and warm, rainy days and cold, rainy days and rare, light snow. So each day I could wear the same footwear. Oregon weather can change throughout the day too. And easy to wash often cause of poison oak I wipe boots with alcohol, put them in plastic bag in freezer and leave in sun…and wash socks in normal laundry.

And sometimes Vibrant Five Fingers Trek Ascent with light toe socks…fun and seem to improve my posture but sometimes leave toe hurting. I have calf height basic rubber rain boots I used one rainy season, clunky to walk in but seemed alright. Will those work okay or is there an improvement I can make to prepare for rain like you mentioned woolie boolies and moisturizing feet? I want to buy a new pair of shoes for everyday non-working walking and bicycling too…durable, quick-drying, comfy, good traction, preferably not too bulky and hot.

Also really wanting more opinions on best coat s for Oregon…removable fleece midlayer plus hooded waterproof hardshell or softshell outerlayer? Are the Raptors suitable for the rocky terrain of New Hampshireshire do you think? Sometimes I tend to roll my ankle when my legs are tired. Is it true that a lower center of gravity in shoes keeps ankles from rolling as often? The other factor involved is the width of outsole — consider how difficult it would be to roll your ankle if you strapped wheel-less skateboards to your feet.

Hi, I just experience something that repeated on a pair of merrell Moab Rover as well as a pair of salomon Comet Premium 3d While hiking on extremely wet conditions my feet were dry, but on the next day, both of the brands were wet on the inside. Have to point out that when I took them off to go to sleep both were wet from the outside. Next day, both were wet on the inside and still wet on the outside. Do you have an explanation for these eventualities? I think it was condensation.

Moisture moves through the fabric based on the humidity differential: if it is more humid inside than outside, moisture moves out; if more humid outside than inside, it moves in. When your boots are very wet as you described, moisture wants to move inside the boot. It is probably being retained by the liner fabrics inside your boot.

The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces

Thanks again. Wore them for about 10 hours. Although my feet got wet as expected imagine a diving wetsuit , my feet did not get hypothermic and thus achieved my goal. Thanks for sharing your experience. A few downsides they never dry, they are thicker than a normal sock so you may need a bigger shoe but overall a win. These days I use light, breathable shoes like Mizuno running shoes or Merrell MOAB Ventilator hiking shoes with two layers of socks — a wicking layer of polypropylene and a thermal layer of Merino wool — to keep warm in cold weather.

Mountain and trail walks in South Africa, normally dry weather with occasion drizzle I have yet to experience a serious downpour my trail running shoes are more than enough. Wet, sweaty chilblain feet? Would it not be possible to wear rain shoe covers over my trail running with shoes including a pair of brand moisture wicking socks? My aim is to avoid overheating to avoid sweating, and try stay as dry as possible.

But many individuals have managed to hike in UK-like conditions in just porous trail running shoes.

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Maintain foot warmth with a thicker wool sock or even a neoprene sock in near-freezing conditions. And at night, have dry sleeping socks available.

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During my campus years I used to wear sandals all the year and cycled 6 miles to the campus and 6 miles back in all winter conditions had spike wheels on my bike. In winter season I used to wear a thin inner sock and an outer wool sock. All the other students laughed at me about my strange habit, but you know the answer: I always had warm and dry feet.

IMPACT Books: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

GTX boots work well for day walks or a weekender. But if comes to back country hiking under wet conditions there is nothing in between wellies yes, these are an option or mesh shoew that drain as fast as they get flooded. Hi Andrew! What footwear would you recommend for day-hikes of miles over exceptionally rocky, uneven terrain? Do you have any thoughts about the suitability of any of these particular models for such a use? Most of those models will work. Ultimately, the best shoe is the one that fits your foot best. Thanks for your reply Andrew! I was thinking of buying several pairs of a trail runner that I like in case the manufacturer discontinues or changes the model.

eBay Hacks, 2nd Edition by David A. Karp

If so, do you know about how long their shelf-life is? And are there ways to store them that prolong their life? The self life is a function of how they are stored. In a hot and dry garage, you run the risk of glue delamination and possible shrinkage of the EVA midsole. If in a cool and wet basement, maybe some mold issues. But your idea is not novel — because manufacturers change the designs so often, with no apparent benefit, a lot of hikers and runners do this exact thing. Thanks Andrew! I can just imagine how frustrated hikers and runners must feel when they finally find a pair of shoes they really like, only to have the manufacturer change or discontinue them.

In my experience, the shoes are still okay after a few years. I do have an official reply from Lowa on EVA equipet shoes. They — in short — state that EVA will tear off after 10 to 12 years based on the fabrics chemical characteristics. I have seen that and it is a total EVA self destroy. If your are using the shoes, it may not last even that long. Thus, it does make sense to buy two or three pairs of a shoe that really fits. Any advice on what shoes, socks etc. Hufe differences in weather conditions, with snow, rain, streams, cold nights but a lot of heat in the days.

The terrain could of course often be rocky or muddy.