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Vengeance, Part 2

Retrieved 2 November Rotten Tomatoes. Park Chan-wook. The Moon Is The Little Drummer Girl The Vengeance Trilogy. They belong to Him because He is God. He is God, and so He occupies a seat on the throne of heaven. He is God, and so the angels belong to Him. They will come for two purposes. They will come to judge.

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Matthew 13 says the angels will do the judging. When He comes it will be the Lord basically distributing His judgment verdicts through the power of His angels. But they come not only to judge, but according to Matthew 25 they come to gather the redeemed into the kingdom. So the angels are His agents of judgment and His agents of collecting the saints into the kingdom.

Thirdly, it says He will come in flaming fire. He comes in blazing, divine, heavenly glory. So this is the unveiling of Christ. This is the next event in human history to come. This is the apocalyptic event, the final unveiling of the King of kings and Lord of lords. So we saw those three features from heaven with His mighty angels, in flaming fire. Why is He coming? Two reasons. These are the two things to know about the unveiling of Christ. Now I want us this morning to think about retribution. Go back to verse 8.

It seems harsh. It may even seem extreme. It is not unruly, selfish, even sinful. It is not a passionate kind of flaming of anger, the kind that leads sinners to a kind of revenge that is ugly and self-seeking and perhaps even unjust. There is a story in Matthew 18 about a man who had some debtors, and they owed him a reasonable amount. But instead of helping them to pay what they owed, he grabbed them and threw them into prison; and judgment is pronounced on that man.

Leave it to God, and God will take vengeance, and the Son will be the instrument of that vengeance. Back in Luke 20 our Lord told a story, a parable about a vineyard. He proceeded to send another slave; and they beat him also and treated him shamefully and sent him away empty-handed. He proceeded to send a third; and this one also they wounded and cast out. What, then, will the owner of the vineyard do to them?

And God sent prophets, and they abused the prophets, stoned the prophets, killed the prophets. Finally God sent His Son. And what did they do to Him? They killed Him. What is God going to do about that? But the way this ends is directly at the point of our looking at Jesus in judgment. What a frightening image of Jesus who is the stone.

If you fall on Him, He shatters you into pieces; if He falls on you, He grinds you to powder. This is speaking of Jesus in His judgment role. This is what happens when He returns, which Luke calls the days of vengeance, the days of vengeance. First, what: What is that final vengeance?

What is it? Well, we already know it is retribution. It is full punishment. It is the avenging of wrong based upon pure and accurate justice and righteousness.

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But beyond that, what is it? For what? For all their sins against God, which are endless. Again righteous punishment. Now no text outside of the detailed passages of Revelation is as potent as this one in portraying Jesus as the Judge. And what He is doing when He returns is exacting a just penalty on sinners who do not know Him, do not believe the gospel.

Jesus is the Judge and the Executioner. This is terrifying truth. But if you on your part warn a wicked man to turn from his way and he does not turn from his way, he will die in his iniquity, but you have delivered your life. That is very serious. Could even cost your life. And yet, how common it is, even for preachers, to avoid speaking of judgment and hell.

What is this vengeance? It is retribution.

The Lord’s Vengeance, Part 2

For after all it is only just. Why would Jesus come back to do this? Why would He come back in such avenging judgment?

This vengeance is just. Such devastating, eternal punishment is the just penalty. It is the correct punishment, it matches the crime. It is righteous vengeance.

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It is coming from the one righteous God to sinners who have lived in disobedience and unbelief and impenitence against Him. It is not more than sinners deserve, it is not less than sinners deserve; and if you think the judgment is too great, you fail to understand the greatness of the crime.

It is justice from the perfectly righteous Judge who always does right.

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No capacity in Him to be unjust or unfair. It is only just. It is only dikaios , righteous. In fact, it is the only righteous way to deal with those who have sinned against God. The Scriptures emphasize the absolute righteousness of God in final judgment, the righteousness of Christ as the Judge. In this very, very public judgment before the whole universe of men and angels, all will acclaim God is righteous.

He is righteous in acquitting believers because their sins were paid for in the death of Christ, to whom their sins were imputed. He will be declared righteous in damning the ungodly; for they rejected the only way of forgiveness and are left to pay the penalty themselves. It is only just for God to repay. It is an inviolable, spiritual law bound up in His holy nature; God must give back punishment that matches the crime. This is all legality.

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  4. This has nothing to do with some affection that God might have for certain people — Jews, or maybe Gentiles. An illustration of this in Luke 13; very, very remarkable one. Some of the Galilean people went down to offer sacrifices at the temple. This is disturbing to the Jews who are asking the question of our Lord, because these are not people sinning, these are people obeying the Old Testament law. These are people doing exactly what God told them to do. But unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. Maybe not that way; but you will perish.

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    Sin deserves death and hell. Man is not a helpless, careless victim; man is a chosen, purposeful, premeditated sinner.